Ciona robusta (formerly C. intestinalis) as a model of gut host-microbe interactions

Outreach & Training

The Dishaw Lab takes outreach seriously. We are committed to communicating our multidisciplinary research, which will contribute to our understanding of host and microbe interactions in the gut and, more specifically, will help define the ecology of microbial colonization on host mucosal surfaces.

Our work is focused on training undergraduates, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows in the cross-disciplinary field of microbial ecology and immunology.

Teaching & Inspring

Our collaborations to reach out to undergraduates is designed to inspire the next generation of STEM scientists and inspire some students that may even be “on the fence” about a career in science.

We also incorporate microbiome technologies in our St. Petersburg College Biotechnology Course guest lectures, take part in local science-themed activities such as the annual Saint Petersburg Science Festival, and also integrating microbial ecology modules into the USF Oceanography Camp for Girls each year of the program.

Communicating & Mentoring

Our work is regularly presented at the international and national levels to our peers; we also present locally, often specifically to undergraduates and even at the k-12 level.

At the undergraduate level, we have specific outreach collaborations with St. Petersburg College and Eckerd College; these programs encourage rigorous honors thesis projects in a laboratory engaged in microbiological, immunological, and marine biological research on a medical campus.

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Mya and I at the Science Festival
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Fun activities at the Science Festival
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K-12 student preparing PCR reaction
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K-12 student loading gel of his very own RFLP
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K-12 student presenting Science Fair Project done in our lab
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Reviewing biofilm results with undergrad students
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Reviewing data with students
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Britt teaching kids about germs
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Britt teaching kids about germs
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Oceanography Camp
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Lexi at scope with middle schooler
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Undergrad Biotech Course
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Science Festival: Phage Heroes
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Science Fest Demo
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Science Fest Demo
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Science Fest Demo
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